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Softener Wash

The Softener Wash Services is using quality fabric softeners that makes fabrics feel softer, decrease static cling, reduce wrinkling and reduce drying time.
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Tuyển Nhân viên quan hệ đối ngoại và marketing

Cần tuyển 2 NV Quan hệ đối ngoại và marketing
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Garment washing - an important process in garment production

Garment washing is normally processed after stitching. As per fashion trend and customer demand buyers ask for garment washing though it increases the cost of the garment. For the washing they mention exactly what types of washing they need for the order. For example, Tom Tailor buyer asked for washes like – Vintage wash, Cloud wash, softener wash or Acid wash. Each wash has different types of appearance on the fabric surfaces. Wash types mainly depends on the product types. For denim product heavy enzyme is required where for knitted Tee light softener wash may be okay.
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Wash đá - stone wash

In order to accelerate the garment wash effect and to give garments an even more unique appearance and softer hand, abrasive stones were introduced to the wash bath. A variety of natural and synthetic stones are available for stonewashing with perhaps the most widely used being pumice or volcanic rock. As the stones are used, they slowly disintegrate, reducing the severity of the stonewash effect over a period of time. The stones not only abrade the fabric but also gradually abrade the inside of the rotary drum. A machine used for stonewashing should not be used to dye delicate articles or when abrasion would be detrimental to the fabric.
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Từ 1/8: Vượt đèn vàng bị phạt đến 2 triệu đồng

Bắt đầu từ ngày 1/8/2016 người điều khiển xe ô tô và các loại xe tương tự ô tô vượt đèn vàng bị xử phạt từ 1.200.000đ-2.000.000đ.
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